BCA Consulting


BCA Consulting

Building Code of Australia (BCA) Design Compliance

As a result of our unrestricted accreditation and experience, Certified Building Specialists are able to offer building regulations consulting for all building classifications and sizes across Australia.
Our in-depth building compliance auditing and reporting systems have been specifically designed to assess and document the extent of BCA and Australian Standards (AS) non-compliances. Our reporting scope includes new and existing buildings and provides innovative building solutions to achieve compliance.
Our range of consulting services can be integrated at any stage of the design and construction process, from initial project design feasibility to tender and construction certification.

Council Fire Order Consulting

Certified Building Specialists can assist building owners and strata managers when issued with a Council Fire Safety Order Notice to upgrade a building. We offer the following range of integrated consulting services on behalf of the owners:

  • Reviewing and assessing the terms of the Fire Safety Notice issued by Council;
  • Undertaking of fire and life safety audits and preparation of upgrade reports;
  • Identifying options and negotiating the terms of the Order with Council including compliance recommendations;
  • Preparing a scope and tender specification of the fire safety upgrade works
  • Project Management and fire safety certification of the completed works

Expert Witness Consulting Services

With extensive experience, qualifications and knowledge of building legislation, Certified Building Specialists offer a number of expert witness consulting services. These include:

  • Building litigation Insurance representation.
  • Court-appointed or Independent Expert consulting.
  • Expert Witness Testimony for litigation proceedings

Third-Party Compliance Management

Certified Building Specialists aim to provide our clients with a professional and reliable service to ensure that quality, due diligence and statutory obligations are met. We constantly navigate and support clients through the complexities of regulation and project development and ensure that advice is made readily available on areas of BCA and Australian Standards interpretation, Construction Verification Inspections and Building Defects Auditing.